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Sunhe Energy experts explain why lithium-ion batteries need to be protected

Time:2021-01-08 Views:147

Why do lithium-ion batteries need a protection board? As the current mainstream secondary battery, why do you need a protection board for lithium-ion batteries? The technical experts of Sanhe Chaoyang Technology Co., Ltd. pointed out that lithium batteries are different from other batteries, and their charging and discharging have certain regulations. , That is, if overcharge, it will cause the battery to be scrapped, and even cause fire and explosion; if overdischarge, it will also cause irreversible damage to the battery and other factors, so that a protection circuit must be added during the use of lithium-ion batteries , To prevent the occurrence of overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, etc., to ensure the service life and safety of the battery!


  The function of the protection board is mainly to protect the cells of the rechargeable battery, maintain the safety and stability during the charging and discharging of the battery, and play an important role in the performance of the entire battery circuit system. (For example: Lithium batteries are generally composed of batteries, protective plates, and casings, such as mobile phone batteries)


  The main function of the protection board

  1) Overcharge protection function:

  The overcharge protection function means that when a certain voltage (hereinafter referred to as the overcharge detection voltage) is reached, it is forbidden to continue charging by the charger. That is, the MOS tube that controls overcharge is turned off to stop charging.

  2) Over discharge protection function:

  Lithium polymer batteryThe technical experts of Sunhe Energy Technology Co., Ltd. pointed out that the over-discharge protection function stops discharging the load when the battery voltage becomes low. The MOS tube controlling the over-discharge enters the off state, and its discharge is prohibited. This process is just the opposite of the action during overcharge detection.

  3) Overcurrent protection function:

  The over-current protection function is to stop discharging the load when a large current is consumed. The purpose of this function is to protect the battery and MOS tube to ensure the safety of the battery under working conditions. After the over-current detection, the battery will return to the normal state after being separated from the load and can be recharged or discharged.

  4) Short-circuit protection function: the principle of short-circuit protection is the same as 3)


  <1> Protection IC: It is the core of the protection chip. Judge by sampling battery voltage, issue various commands to control MOS tube, and manage battery cells.

  <2> MOS tube: mainly play a switch role in the protection board circuit

  Typical protection board circuit

  Take the single-section protection board circuit (DW01+P) as an example:

  Classification of protection boards

  1. Classified by material
1) Gold-plated protection board-referred to as gold board
 Hardware protection board
Ordinary gold-plated protection board
Thick gold-plated protection board
Immersive gold protection board

  2) Tinned protection board-referred to as tin board
 ordinary tin plate
Lead-free tin plate

  2. Classified by battery

  1) Single section protection board
 2) Double section protection board
  3) Multi-section protection board

  Protection board market capacity

  The global market capacity is about 100KK/M
  1) A-level market (40KK/M)
  Note: The main manufacturers of protection ICs in the A-level market are Seiko, Ricoh, and Meizhimei; MOSFET
  The main manufacturers are Sanyo and AO;

  2) Class B market (40KK/M)
  Note: The main manufacturers of protection ICs in the B-level market are Fujing, Xinde, and Vimicro; the main MOSFET manufacturers are Sanhe Micro, Huarui, Nanhai, Huanchang, and Maoda;

  3) C-level market (20KK/M)
  Note: The main manufacturers of protection ICs in the C-level market include Silan, Black Forest, and Jinwei; the main manufacturers of MOSFETs include Zhuhai Nanke, Black Forest, and Jinwei;

  The above is a detailed introduction of why lithium ion battery protection board should be added. After understanding the content of lithium ion battery protection board, if you have any questions about custom lithium ion batteries or protection board related questions, please browse other content on this site or consult online customer service.

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