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Panasonic developed the industry's smallest cylindrical rechargeable lithium battery

Time:2021-01-08 Views:140

Abstract: With the prevalence of wearable devices in the industry, there is an urgent need for battery components that are small and large enough in size. For this reason, Panasonic announced the launch of the CG-320 battery, which it calls "the smallest cylindrical rechargeable lithium battery in the industry" . The CG-320 weighs 0.6g, can hold 13mAh, has a rated output voltage of 3.75 volts, and a maximum charging output voltage of 4.2 volts. The outside of the battery is wrapped in stainless steel to prevent expansion.


The CG-320 battery uses the spiral electrode structure used in the traditional cylindrical lithium battery, which means that there is enough space between the anode and the cathode. In addition, the slim size can provide high output, which is enough to drive the NFC system. The main application of the battery at this stage. However, with the development of technology, Panasonic said that the CG-320 will be used in more devices, such as electronic pens and hearing aids. This battery will start mass production in February next year.


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