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[Sunhe Energy] Fully expand production of energy storage products

Time:2019-12-20 Views:120

On December 13, with the efforts of colleagues in various departments of Sanhe Chaoyang, we invited Denso Group, a leading global auto parts company and a Fortune 500 company, to come to audit the factory. Before that, Denso Group passed all the battery pack product tests provided by our company. The main purpose of this visit is to review our quality control system and discuss technical details. The senior leaders of our company attach great importance to this, and the CEO Mr. Tan Zhilong (the third right in the picture below) and the deputy general manager Mr. Xu Xiaodong (the first left in the picture below) personally participated in the whole process of Denso Group's factory audit. Denso Group is very satisfied with this factory audit, and highly appreciates our company's 7S implementation, internal quality control improvement plan, technical supporting facilities, etc., and expresses its willingness to work with our company to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Win-win cooperation.

        This customer audit is an extension of Sanhe Chaoyang under the guidance of Chairman Xu Chaoyong's spirit of continuing to expand the R&D and production of energy storage products. Prior to this, our company has established a very mature production line of small polymer lithium battery cells and batteries since its establishment in 2012, with a daily output of 60,000pcs. The company has started the R&D and production of energy storage battery packs in 2014. In terms of market sales, the energy storage product segment accounts for 20% of the company's overall sales. Since the day when the company prepared for the listing of the new three-board, Sanhe Chaoyang has planned and implemented the expansion of the R&D and production of energy storage products in 2017 to match the high-end Customers with strict standards will develop together with us.

       At present, Sanhe Chaoyang has achieved one-stop R&D, production and sales from charging management, multi-parallel-series battery packs, multi-parallel-series battery packs BMS, discharge management, and inverter customization in the energy storage product sector. The enterprise has completed the research and development and production of wind energy/solar power supply control, single-phase and three-phase generator standard products, ballasts and other products together to provide customers with a comprehensive energy storage management system. We warmly welcome friends in related fields such as communications, fire protection, emergency rescue, surveying, outdoor sports, and friends who have demand for energy storage products to discuss and develop a broader prospect of energy storage products with us!

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