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[Sunhe Energy] When production resumes, epidemic prevention will not slow down

Time:2020-02-25 Views:203

        When the resumption of work is in progress, the resistance will not slow down. The safe and rapid resumption of work and production to boost economic development is the second half of this epidemic.

        Shenzhen Sunhe Energy Technology Co., Ltd. a factory specializing in R&D, production, and sales of lithium batteries, applied for the resumption of work approval on February 8, and production personnel gradually returned from cities (Hubei employees to be determined), as of February On the 25th (Tuesday), there were 97 production employees in the workshop (not including those in deep home isolation). The factory is steadily resuming work and production. At present, on the one hand, our factory is making every effort to restore the delivery date of previous customers’ orders. On the other hand, we are strictly fighting the epidemic, and providing safe working and living places for the employees who return to the factory or about to return to the factory, and jointly engage in the epidemic, so as to recover as soon as possible and reach the peak of the past.

        Back to the company to work, we need to do our best to do "subtraction" under the premise of ensuring that the work is completed-we can't say anything, can't get together without getting together, can open the window and let the window breathe...We have to finish Good job, no mistakes, no flaws, quality and quantity. You must not lose points in epidemic prevention. Whether you are in the office or on the way to the unit, do not be careless, do not shake hands, do not cross the office with each other, wear masks, wash your hands frequently, and eat separately in the workshop canteen to prevent cross-infection.

        To manage yourself is to be responsible to yourself, to your colleagues, or to those who are working hard to prevent and control the epidemic. If everyone can be cautious, cautious, and in awe, then we have the confidence to defeat the plague as soon as possible.

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