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18650-7S1P-Weeder battery pack

7S1P/25.2V/3500mAh battery pack

Product model: 190115-5

Battery type: 7S1P (18650)

Nominal voltage: 25.2V

Nominal capacity: 3500mAh

Internal resistance: ≤200mΩ

Size: 132*50.5*37.5mm (max)

Charging voltage: 29.4V

Charging current: 0.5C

Charging mode: CC/CV

Discharge current: 0.5C

Discharge cut-off voltage: 14V

Ambient temperature: charging 0 to 45°C discharging temperature to 60°C

Shipping voltage: 24.4-29.4V

Project details

18650-7S1P-Weeder battery pack(图1)

18650-7S1P-Weeder battery pack(图2)

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